Let’s Talk About the Growth of Affiliate Marketing

According to research done, almost 90% of advertisers said that affiliate programs were very important to their overall marketing strategy, in fact, a majority of them said that their affiliate marketers drove 20% of their annual revenue. Affiliate marketing was once viewed as a way to drive people to events and promotions, it is now one of the main channels for marketing and customer discovery that leads to engagement and progressive sales that result in an insane return on investment.

The importance of affiliate marketing has grown and improved over the past few years and affiliate marketing opportunities are now being offered by almost every company. Let’s talk numbers to put this into perspective. The US affiliate marketing spend will increase by a CAGR to an estimated $6.8 billion industry.

Marketing has gone through lots of changes due to consumers becoming more sophisticated and demanding on how they chose to shop. Consumers have become more active and particular on how they look for and filter information across the ever-expanding set of channels the internet has to offer. This has led to forcing advertisers to leverage valuable content that contribute to the customer experience rather than just delivering ads and branded messages. But, creating content that drives real value that customers are looking for was a pretty big challenge for these marketers.

The solution to this problem was affiliate marketing. This is when company’s leveraged affiliate marketers to go out into different parts of the web and share product information in all kinds of unique ways that are customized to the particular channel and audience. Since companies have been learning about the benefits of affiliate marketing, most companies are now getting on board with this new way of marketing.

One aspect of affiliate marketing that is so appealing to company’s is that the content on affiliate sites are original and and native. With affiliate marketing, a company’s products and services will be promoted in the most natural way in front of an audience interested in your industry.

Affiliate marketing is a changing industry that is now considered a viable career. Companies are investing more towards affiliate marketers while Google is acting in favor of affiliate marketing sites in their search engines. Although affiliate marketing is growing, so is the standard. Google is not putting up with dated affiliate marketing techniques, and search engines are encouraging affiliate marketers to be authorities in their industries when proceeding with quality.

Affiliate marketing has had consistent growth over the past 5 years and have no plans of slowing down anytime soon!


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What Is Affiliate Marketing?

what is affiliate marketing

If you’re new to all things affiliate marketing you might be asking yourself this question….

What on earth is affiliate marketing and how does it work?

Affiliate marketing is a business model used by thousands of companies to generate more leads and sales for their business. They do this by recruiting “affiliates” that promote their products and services. The affiliate goes out and promotes the products through various means and gets paid a commission every time the company makes a sale from the affiliate’s recommendation.

Tracking mechanisms allow companies to attribute sales to affiliate ID’s by placing a cookie on a customers machine. This cookie contains a unique identifier for the affiliate so the merchant knows exactly who referred the customer. The affiliate then gets paid accordingly.

After doing some research, I came across this really cool infographic that breaks down affiliate marketing nicely…

You should now have a brief understanding of how affiliate marketing works and how companies love their affiliate programs.

An affiliate can make a company a heck of a lot of money. Many bloggers leverage the power of affiliate marketing to monetize their blog. Some bloggers have a huge readership and align themselves with a product that is relevant to their niche. There are bloggers out there making tens of thousands of dollars a month just from using affiliate marketing on their websites.

I think it is fair to say that affiliate marketing is big business. Most people don’t realise how much this business model is now used.

Anytime you’re comparing products, whether that is insurance, flights, hotels, phone deals, these websites all use affiliate marketing to make money. The merchant pays these companies to bring them leads and sales.

Affiliate marketing is so popular because the business model works on a win win basis for both the merchant and the affiliate. In most cases, the merchant only pays the affiliate when they have made a sale so they’re never losing out on the money. At the same time, the affiliate gets paid a commission every time they refer someone and make a sale. Most affiliate programs are free so it’s not like there is a massive startup cost or even any risk in diving deep into an affiliate program.

Affiliate marketing also has the advantage of being internet-based. You don’t need to rent out office space or hire any additional members of staff. You can run an affiliate marketing business as a one man band until you’re well up into the high-six figures per year, even seven figures in some cases.

You should now have a brief understanding of what affiliate marketing is and how it works on the internet today.





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What Are High-Ticket Affiliate Products?

high ticket products

High-ticket affiliate products are the elite of the affiliate marketing world. These products are normally part of high paying affiliate programs and usually consist of products and services that cost thousands of dollars. There are people out there that are willing to pay thousands of dollars for a course that will change their life.

Think about how much people pay for college education. The institution of education is worth billions of dollars a year. Parents are willing to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars to put their kids through college so they can get a degree. This isn’t strictly related to high-ticket affiliate programs but it gives you an idea of the sort of money people are willing to invest when it comes to education.

People understand the value of knowledge. Knowledge that can help you make a transformation in your life, whether that may be dating the woman of your dream or empowering yourself with skills to market any product online, it is priceless.

High ticket affiliate products are in my opinion, the best type of products to promote as you will only need to sell a very small number to generate a good income. It is the way the super affiliates generate huge incomes every year from affiliate marketing. When it comes to the top earners in the affiliate marketing industry, we’re not talking a little extra income on the side. We’re talking fully fledged seven figure businesses.

The power of affiliate marketing cannot be underestimated. Empower yourself with affiliate marketing education. Education that will give you the knowledge you need to effectively market products online. If you stick with this and really give it 100%, stay hungry, consistent and determined, you can create a business that will serve you for many years to come.

Why you should start a business now: 

There truly hasn’t been a better time to start a business. Right now in 2017, the internet is ripe for the taking. We really are at a unique point where the internet isn’t new anymore, but is still bursting with opportunity. So many of the things that were difficult and technical to complete have now been simplified thanks to a number of internet startup companies.

We have the ability to create websites, landing pages and marketing funnels at the touch of a button. It really isn’t rocket science and you don’t need to be techy at all to start an online business.

So what are you waiting for? 

Don’t wait for the perfect time because there never will be a perfect time for you to start. Force yourself to take action and work your ass off now. You’ll thank yourself in a few months when you start generating legitimate passive income that will keep rolling in for years to come.

Sources: http://benguonline.com/high-paying-affiliate-programs

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Three Ways To Market Products Without A Website

how to market without a website

The thought of marketing products without a website might have you scratching your head. The internet provides many avenues for us to market products and services. Thousands of people have actually built highly successful businesses on the internet without owning a website. This article on Bengu Marketing covers different online business ideas and highlights the different ways people start businesses on the internet.

When it comes to affiliate marketing though, building a website and promoting products through an affiliate program is one of the most common ways that affiliate’s launch their affiliate marketing business.

However, if you aren’t interested in launching a website, don’t want to deal with SEO or just simply hate blogging, there are a number of other ways you can promote products and services on the internet. The key to affiliate marketing is actually very simple. Position the product you’re promoting in front of a hungry audience, you don’t need a website to do this!

Promote with PPC advertising – You can leverage the power of Pay-Per-Click advertising to instantly put your offer in front of interested parties. This involves creating and managing advertising campaigns on either Google Adwords or Bing Ads.

Coming up with great ad copy is super important. There are also a number of other factors to consider when creating your first campaign. Both Google & Bing have a number of factors that determine the performance of your campaigns.

Here are the fundamentals:

  • Compelling ad copy – Your ad copy is what sells the click to your landing page. Writing something attractive as well as congruent is the key to generating a good amount of leads. Don’t underestimate the importance of congruency. If someone clicks on an ad thinking they’re going to see a Nike shoe and it’s really an Adidas one they’re going to hit the back button.
  • Quality score – Your quality score is determined by a variety of factors. As mentioned above, congruency to your keywords is important here. Advertisers look at what you write in your ad copy as well as your landing page to determine how relevant your ad is to the keywords you are bidding on. They also look at the number of clicks your ads get compared to impressions to gauge how popular your ad is at any given time.

Leverage Youtube To Create A Following

Youtube can be an awesome way for you to get started as an affiliate marketer. Having over one billion views every single month and being the second largest search engine in the world, Youtube definitely has all the traffic you’ll ever need.

you don’t need to be Amazon on camera to create something great on Youtube. The most important thing is that you get started and stay consistent with your video posting. You have the option to add affiliate links to your video descriptions, as well as add annotations to your video as a call to action to visit your affiliate site or go directly to the merchant.

You can pick a niche and create a video series about the products and services within that niche. Your content must provide value though, this should be your primary concern. People can tell (on video more so than any other platform) if you’re just trying to sell a product to make money.

Also, don’t be misleading, if your video isn’t related to your link at all you are misleading your viewers. Oh, and you won’t make any sales either. Always be up front and honest about what you are promoting on Youtube. Honesty really is the best policy. Ensure your videos are extremely relevant to what you’re promoting and try to focus on overwhelming your viewers with value. This will ensure the best results for your marketing efforts.

Write A Viral Ebook – A viral product is one that spreads quickly. Like a virus, (but in a totally good way) There are a number of strategies that will help with your products going viral. This can be an awesome way of getting your affiliate links out there without having to create a product. You can create an Ebook or a special white paper chocked full of value, on a particular subject, then distribute the book through various online platforms. You could sell it for a small amount or even give it away for free. If your book provides value and genuinely helps people, you might just find that it goes viral and produces some insane results for you.


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6 Tips To Increase Your Productivity

how to increase productivity

Productivity. That one essential thing when it comes to achieving results in any field. How do we nail productivity?

For some of us, productivity almost comes naturally. We sit down, focus and get on with the task at hand. For other though, it is much more difficult. Procrastination and lack of concentration can make it very hard to focus and get down to the task at hand.

If you fail to be productive in your business, you won’t product amazing results. Many of you will give affiliate marketing a go whilst working a full-time job and most of you will fail.

Success in affiliate marketing requires determination. The very act of “giving it a go” means that you aren’t putting 100% of yourself into it. You’re “trying it out” to see if it works. This is the mindset of an opportunist.

Entrepreneurs make that choice, they take massive action and stick with something until it is producing tangible results.

Here are six tips that can help improve your productivity:

Set daily goals – I can’t tell you how much this has helped me in my life. Take ten minutes before you go to sleep to make a goal list for the next day. Map out exactly what you want to complete so you can spring straight into action without hesitating and pondering what you should be doing next. If your goals are too big, it’ll be much easier for you to break them down into micro-goals. Ticking off that list of goals everyday will make you feel good and fill you with a sense of accomplishment, even if the goals are small ones!

Get rid of the mess – Every heard the saying tidy room tidy mind? Well its true for most people. Your environment has an effect on how you feel and ultimately how productive you are during your day. If you have a clear, clean environment you’re more than likely be able to think better and focus more on the task at hand.

Stop checking your phone – If your phone is beeping every thirty seconds, here’s what you need to do. First, put it on silent and second, only check your phone after you’ve completed the task at hand. The smartphone is a masterful distraction device. We can all spend days looking at our Facebook, Instagram and emails but we wouldn’t get any work done if we did!

This is also something that can wreak havoc on your attention span so you should be wary of this. We can all get addicted to that pinging sound and become glued to that screen. Becoming conscious of this is the first step to overcoming your phone addiction. Make that conscious choice to step away from your phone and stop checking it all the time.

Do the worst thing first – The best way to start your day is to do the thing you REALLY don’t want to do. By getting the hardest thing out of the way first, you’re much more likely to complete all the other little tasks on your list. It’s also a good way to force yourself into doing things you don’t really want to do. I wish we could all only do the things that we loved but the reality of life is that is that we need to hustle and do things that we really don’t want to do.

Stop saying YES – Stop being a yes man or yes woman. If you’re saying yes to everyone and running around meeting people and doing things for everyone all the time you’ll find that you’ll have no time left to do your own thing. If you’re constantly being interrupted throughout your day then you just won’t get the work done. Become ruthless with your precious time. Learn to say NO, and don’t feel bad about it either.

Delegate and outsource – Look, your time is precious. If you have the ability to delegate tasks to anyone else then you need to make use of this. This will save you time and energy. Outsourcing is also something you can look into if you’re currently overwhelmed with tasks on your to-do list. you can outsource anything from video creation to content writing and data entry for really cheap. You really don’t have to do everything yourself.

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Writing Great Product Reviews

writing product reviews

Product reviews are something that most people consider when buying a product or investing in a service of some sort. The buying weight of product reviews cannot be underestimated. When i’m looking at products on Amazon, for example and considering buying something, I always check the reviews.

Reviewing products as an affiliate is a great thing because you’re no longer perceived as a salesperson. Instead you’re someone who cares about your readers interests by either recommending or warning them to stay away from crappy products.

On affiliate sites, reviews usually follow a certain formula. You will normally take one of your affiliate products and review it from a completely objective perspective. Obviously at the end of the review you provide your affiliate link for readers to click through and check out the product for themselves if they’re interested.

Lets get into some of the different type of reviews that are common:

Brief Overview Review – This type of review is very common among affiliate sites. These reviews usually only have around one or two paragraphs with a star rating of some sort. Often you’ll see a number of these reviews on just one page so people can get a quick idea of the recommendations that the affiliate is making.

This is a highly common structure for affiliate reviews and also very effective. People like this because:

  • The descriptions are short and sweet, they don’t answer all the questions but will strike intrigue enough to make the visitor check our the merchant site for more information.
  • Its obvious which one is the most recommended. By leveraging the power of star ratings, users can quickly see which product is highly recommended, again this makes them more likely to check out the merchant site.
  • They command attention. Short reviews are great because they don’t take time to read. The average attention span is now down to 7 seven seconds for the average person (god help us all) – with that being said its important to get straight to the point.

When creating brief overview reviews, the key is to write them from an objective viewpoint. Be honest about the product, cover the good as well as the bad and only give your best ratings to the best products.

The Comprehensive Review – This is the review that many of us should be writing. This type of review goes into all the juicy details, leaving no stone unturned. This type of review can work in many ways, from landing pages to targeting natural search engine traffic specifically looking for certain product reviews.

The biggest issue with writing comprehensive reviews is that the visitor now has so much information about the product that they don’t even need to see the merchants sales page. They might just read your review and browse for the product on another website without purchasing though your affiliate link. The visitor might also assume that the product isn’t really for them if you missed out a few details in your review.

The bottom line is that unless your comprehensive review is very carefully crafted then you tend to miss out on clicks to your merchant site, which is your primary goal as an affiliate.

Check out this example of a full page review that has been done well:

General tips for writing reviews:

  • When writing reviews, don’t solely focus on affiliate products, write reviews for other products too. If your visitor is already familiar with certain products on the market and you don’t even mention them, they can get suspicious.
  • A great thing to do is to promote two products on your review pages and recommend the one out of the two, highlighting the pro’s and cons of each. This is very much likely to result in clicks to the merchant site for more investigation by the visitor.


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5 Alternatives To Clickbank

Clickbank is one of the most popular affiliate networks on the internet. You could be forgiven for assuming that there aren’t many other alternatives when it comes to promoting affiliate products. However, there just so happens to be a plethora of other affiliate networks, some of them are even bigger thank Clickbank and offer a variety of affiliate programs.

Clickbank is definitely more centred towards digital products so if you’re looking to promote physical products or just looking for more variety, here is a list five alternatives to clickbank:

5 Alternatives To ClickBank

Rakuten Linkshare – Rakuten is one of the largest affiliate networks and has been around for a number of years now. Rakuten specialises in offering affiliate programs from big brands but you need to go through an application process to promote then and this isn’t exactly what you’d call fun. Due to the application process, this is definitely more suited to people who already have some experience in the affiliate marketing world.

After you sign up for Rakuten, you receive a very helpful welcome email that provides a good amount of information about getting started. When you first log in to the system, you also receive a useful welcome popup:

rakuten linkshare

The system for affiliate promotion with Rakuten revolves around an approval process. This means that you need to apply to be accepted by each advertiser and it can take a while for you to be approved. One slight negative to Rakuten is that the merchants actually have to pay to be listed on the network, which translates into lower commissions for affiliate marketers.

CJ Affiliate – Easy enough to use and loaded with enough statistics to track every last referral down to the cookie, CJ Affiliate has a bunch of products that you can promote.

Similar to Rakuten, you need to apply to the advertisers to promote their products. This is a way for the merchants to assure brand reputation doesn’t get tarnished by affiliate’s that produce low quality content.

It actually isn’t too hard to get accepted by the merchants. You just need to be a legitimate affiliate marketer with ethical marketing standards.

Once you find the type of product you want to promote, CJ does a great job and displaying key information such as:

  • Network earnings.
  • Average EPC from the last 7 days & 3 months.
  • How much you’ll make per sale.

Clicking on any product will bring up more information about the merchant, including a description as well as terms and conditions.

Shareasale – This is a very well known affiliate network and one that also provides a variety of products to promote.

It is fairly simple to sign up for shareasale, although the site navigation isn’t the most user friendly. To search for merchants, hover over the merchants button and click “search for merchants”


You can search by category, keyword or use other parameters in the advanced search feature.

Shareasale provides the following information for the affiliate products on the network:

Before joining an affiliate program, your website needs to be verified, which involves modifying your website code.

A great feature that shareasale has developed is the ability to place merchants into your “basket” which you can then save and apply for at a later date. Shareasale offers a good combination of digital and physical products to promote with commission levels that vary quite a lot from merchant to merchant.

Neverblue – This is an affiliate network that is well respected in the industry. The operate a CPA payment model where an affiliate is paid for a customer performing an action, not necessarily completing a sale. Performing an action could be filling some details on a form or downloading a file onto their computer.

Neverblue specialises in connecting merchants who want to generate traffic and leads with affiliates who can produce results.  The fantastic reputation of this affiliate network is partly due to the awesome customer service they provide for their affiliates:


The toughest thing about this affiliate network is actually getting accepted. They have some hard and fast rules when it comes to affiliate acceptance.

JVZoo – This network is actually quite similar to ClickBank in that they specialise in promoting digital products.

They have marketplace that is also similar to ClickBank where you can check out the products to promote before signing up.

Unfortunately there seem to be quite a few negative reviews about JVZoo so some of their practices are questionable at best.

The key to promoting products successfully on JVZoo is to really do your research. Some of the products have are terrible so you really need to dig deep to find the gold that you can promote.

This guys sums up JVZoo quite nicely:

JVzoo review


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